Review on Ryuko Matoi figure so far…


-The paints really nice, there’s no mess ups anywhere and the attention to detail is amazing.

-There’s some slight shading on the hair that makes it look really nice

-The detail in the scissor blade is stunning! The shading and everything is spot on!

The clear red hair piece is not at all fragile and I find this very nice!

-No really restricted movement, but replacing arms or legs proves to be very tricky, because the hair is in the way,


-My only concerns so far for the front are that the little bandana part of senketsu has already, very easily fallen off and I find this distressing.

-The attachment peg of the guitar case can easily get stuck in its peg and is extremely hard to remove it once it’s stuck. But the little red attachment peg is the hardest to remove. Once it’s stuck it’s stuck and you’re screwed as I have found out…

-Also the holes for the arms have already been worn down! I put the pocket edition arms on her and they completely destroyed it! I wish this could be prevented in future nendroids of this kind.

-And continuing on with the pocket arms, how are they supposed to work? They arent really looking like pockets more like hands with no fingers.

And that’s what I think of this NENDROID!

I like it however still with all it’s flaws. I would recommend it to everyone but just please be careful with the arms and pegs! And keep in mind how fragile many of its parts are!